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JEE Main 2022: Are NCERT and JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers Enough to Crack The Exam?

By Asmita KunduJune 09, 2022
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A common question that every JEE (JEE Main/ JEE Advanced) candidate ponders is which books and previous year's question papers they should study in order to earn the greatest scores in JEE Main 2022

As there is fierce rivalry for seats in BE or BTech degrees at India's National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), and other engineering institutes, everyone wants to do well in JEE Main and secure a seat into their preferred college. 

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You must prepare adequately for the JEE Main 2022 exam. Furthermore, in entrance tests such as JEE Main and JEE Advanced, we cannot leave any stone untouched. The outcomes of these tests will determine the college, and the college will determine the students' future. 

Students' studies are impacted if they do not get into a good engineering college or their desired college, and there is a significant gap between Tier-3 colleges, NITs, IIITs, and top private universities. Students must refer to the appropriate study material for JEE Main 2022 in order to gain admission to their selected college or top college. NCERT Books, according to experts, are the greatest resource for preparing for JEE Main 2022. 

Are NCERT and PYQPs Enough For JEE Main?

Textbooks for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Curriculum's standard education are provided by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). These books are available in a wide range of subjects and are used by students all around the country. NCERT is an important aspect of JEE Main preparation, as it helps in building the base for advanced concepts. Students can consolidate their fundamentals with the help of NCERT. 

Students can utilise NCERT books for more than only JEE Main Preparation. They can also use them for JEE Advanced Preparation and other engineering entrance exams. NCERT books are quite useful and easily accessible. 

In addition, the language used in NCERT books is fairly simple. The ideas are explained in NCERT books in a clear and exhaustive manner. As a result, students must refer to NCERTs in order to consolidate their knowledge.

Is NCERT sufficient for JEE Main Preparation?

We've already explored what NCERT books are, why they're so popular, and why they're important? Now we'll talk about how NCERT books can help you prepare for JEE Main 2022? NCERT books and JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers might be sufficient for the JEE Main 2022 Examination for numerous reasons. The most important reason is that NCERT books cover topics that are identical to those covered in the JEE Main Syllabus. Other considerations are as follows:

  1. Physics is a subject that is included in the JEE Main Exam. Students can rely on NCERT and PYQPs for their Physics preparation because numerical questions are posed in physics, and students can only master numerical problems by practice, and there is a lot of practice questions in PYQPs and NCERT books. As a result, in order to study physics, students must supplement other practice materials with PYQPs and NCERT. In addition to the NCERT texts, a candidate will need to study Physics. For JEE Main preparation, the NCERT example is extremely helpful.

  2. In recent years, it has been noticed that inorganic chemistry questions are being posed directly from NCERT textbooks. In recent years, a few questions from the JEE Main exam's inorganic Chemistry section, inorganic processes, and p-block elements have been lifted directly from NCERT books. During JEE Main preparation, NCERT Chemistry Class 11th and 12th books can be utilized to study fundamental concepts and solutions. Additional PYQPs are necessary for some topics, such as Physical Chemistry.

  3. Several problems from NCERT books and PYQPs were duplicated in the JEE Main exam papers in the instance of mathematics. NCERT books also thoroughly explain the fundamental principles of the mathematical sciences, and previous JEE Main candidates have claimed that studying these books, and PYQPs made their preparation much more defined and stronger. As a result, if students are studying for JEE Main, they should not overlook NCERT books and PYQPs. They are essential for students studying for engineering and medical entrance exams.

  4. JEE Main toppers and experts also recommend NCERT books and PYQPs for JEE Main preparation. According to experts, studying both is adequate for passing the JEE Main.

Some Tips For Cracking the JEE Main Exam

  1. Don't give up. Ever. This is the single most common reason for JEE failure. During the two years, they take a break from academics. I know some not-so-smart folks who were able to pass JEE simply by focusing for two years. In truth, these two years taught them a lot.

  2. Make sure you don't feel left behind. The second reason why people fail is because of this. People begin to dismiss issues. They begin to deceive themselves. They don't express their reservations. This is a disaster. Your professors are the best people to ask if you have any doubts. Make sure you get a grip on a topic as soon as it begins. If you don't, instead of procrastinating, study/clear your doubts.

  3. Make an appointment with a mentor. Obtain the contact information of someone who has passed the exam. Someone who can help you on a one-on-one basis. Alternatively, it could be a source of inspiration. It could be a teacher, a senior, or a family member. Keep in touch with them and work out your problems with them. 

  4. Don't try to solve too many books at once. A few standard books (coaching sheets, HCV, NCERT, past papers, and so on) are sufficient. 

  5. Keep a tab on your progress. Make sure you understand your strong and weak spots. Make sure you learn from your mistakes. Know where you're at. You may optimize your learning process and achieve far greater success once you have these statistics.

All the best for your exam! Hope you will consider all the points and learn thoroughly before appearing for JEE MAIN 2022. If you don't make it through, don't give up, there is always a place for improvement. Learn from your mistakes and re-appear.

FAQs on JEE Main 2022: Are NCERT and JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers Enough to Crack The Exam?

Q1. Are NCERT books and PYQPs enough for JEE Main 2022?

Although they are more than enough, with the increased competitiveness in the JEE Main test, students must rely on not only NCERTs but also other reference materials.

Q2. Can I score 98.5 percentile in JEE MAIN 2022 just by studying NCERT and JEE MAIN PYQPs?

No, while NCERTs are conceptually sufficient, there is a lack of questions in NCERTs; to cover this gap. Students must resort to other reference materials in order to crack JEE Main with a good rank.

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