How to Crack JEE Main in the First Attempt?

by Sagar Mankar, May 13, 2020

Every student is in a dilemma of how to crack JEE Main in the first attempt. To crack examination like JEE Main which has high immensity you will need a proper preparation with a perfect strategic plan which will generate satisfactory results at the end.

Therefore, we have put across all the toppers and necessary study tips to help you design the IIT JEE toppers preparation schedule according to your studying curve.  

Before we make all your dreams of sitting in an IIT classroom listening to those engaging lectures we have to crack one of the toughest exams in this country. The last couple of months before the exam is very crucial for the preparation of JEE Main. Students need to be positive and confident with the process that they are following in their preparation.

Preparation Tips

  • Marks and Weightage

Based on the blueprint given by the authority board, students can understand the weightages of the chapters. The marks distribution to each and every chapter differs, along with blueprint, previous year question papers and sample papers also gives an idea to the students over it. He/She can first focus on the high weightage units and then they can move down to low weightage chapters. This is actually a smart way of how a student can prepare

  • Time Management

The most valuable thing in any person's life is Time. Managing time efficiently will give anybody the supreme results in the exam. Students have to prepare a time table for themselves and make sure they are following it strictly. They have to allocate determined time for studying, practising, revision, taking mock tests/ sample papers and they also have to dedicate some time for activities with a perfect duration of breaks in between.

  • Different Types of Questions

In competitive exams like JEE Main, the questions which students have seen in the textbook will not be asked in the way. They have to refer to the sample papers released by the authority board to understand how to figure out the questions exactly. 

  • The Pattern of the Paper

Before the examination, NTA releases the sample papers for the upcoming exams through which students will be able to project the latest version every year. There might be a high chance in a change of the exam pattern which a student can get to know through these sample papers.

Knowing the exam pattern beforehand will make a student more comfortable to understand the distribution of marks and marking scheme of the examination. There is a high chance of change in the exam pattern every alternate year. So, NTA has made a point to release the sample paper before the examination to make the students aware of it. Students also can avoid making silly mistakes by knowing the pattern beforehand. 

  • Level of Preparation

After attempting the sample paper, a student can estimate the level of their preparation and how to proceed further with it. This also shows they are lagging behind and where they have to improve more to score better marks. After this, they can make a plan according to their performance. It is a kind of motivation for the students to be better in the next sample paper. 

  • Preparation Strategy 

Based on the performance they can outline the preparation strategy. Students can prepare a plan based on the strength and weak points. It allows them to use the minimum time for the areas where they are lagging. 


Students have to erect a shield to their brains which makes them work faster than regular to achieve their goals. Students basically get stuck in the middle while studying for the exam, at this moment, they have to get some push from behind to make them comfortable and should have a positive talk. In this way, they don’t feel demotivated.  Do not give up at this point, they have to understand where the problem is and then concentrate on rectifying it and then move forward.

They help you become thorough with the concepts and excel in your board exams with flying colours. Our study tips will help you keep your idea towards the exam clear and ensure that you have a proper understanding. With all the above tips, it becomes really easy for the students to clear the examination in the first attempt. 

How to Crack JEE Main in the First Attempt?