Coronavirus Caused The Shutdown Of Offline Study Centres: How Vedantu Online is A Boon For Jee Preparation

by Aparajita Das, March 27, 2020

The coronavirus disease or Covid19 has unleashed havoc at a global scale, prompting authorities to enforce shutdown across the country. This includes offices, schools, colleges; everything apart from essential services. In the academic scope, coronavirus has left its mark too with enforced shutdown seriously affecting preparations for competitive exams like IIT JEE.

Postponing of board examinations has already been enforced, which has prompted the further delay of the numerous entrance examinations which students go through to join their desired academic course. Understandably, JEE preparation has had no escape from the same with offline preparation modes coming to a halt.

Initially, JEE Mains examination dates were scheduled in the first and second week of April 2020. However, with the pandemic of Covid19 at loose, this schedule has been postponed. Updated schedule for JEE Main examination is to be expected on or after 31st of March 2020. While the spread of coronavirus has been a major blow on a global scale, students must focus on this extra time they have been awarded to prepare better.

Though offline methods of preparation have become limited with students being forced to stay back home, Vedantu has doubled its effort to help students prepare for their JEE Mains. As an aspirant appearing for JEE 2020, you should take up this time to not only cover your weaker sections but also to enrich your overall preparation for JEE Mains. With Vedantu as an able aid, you should begin by having a quick revision of the complete syllabus along with understanding the JEE.

Understanding JEE

A top priority for students aspiring to build a career in engineering, JEE consists of 2 sections. Students qualifying the Mains and achieving a rank within the first 2.24 lakh of examinees can appear for the JEE Advanced examination. 

While understandably, you can be worried about their fate, you should use this gift of time to focus on both these examinations. However, your priority should be on JEE Mains since you first need to pass it to appear for the Advanced.

Conducted by the National Test Agency (NTA), this entrance examination offers admission to IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology) and State-controlled engineering and technical institutions. While clearing the Mains to ensure admission to technical institutes in India, if you clear both the JEEs, you will be offered admission to IITs.

The JEE mains has 2 basic sections, that of Paper 1 for B.E/B.Tech. and Paper 2 for B.Arch/B.Planning. You can choose to appear for either, or both of these examinations; depending on your career choice. In the case of JEE Advanced, candidates have to appear for 2 more papers.

Syllabus and Exam Pattern of JEE

While you must be well aware of the complete syllabus for both of the JEE examinations, your primary focus should now be on that of JEE Mains. This syllabus primarily consists of all the topics pertinent in your 10 + 2 standards covering 3 basic subjects of maths, physics and chemistry

You need to appear for the maths examination irrespective of your choice of technical course – B.Tech/B.E or B.Arch/B.Planning. However, physics and chemistry are compulsory for engineering aspirants while students hoping to study architecture or planning have to appear for their drawing & aptitude test. You have to appear for individual papers on these subjects once the date for the examination will be declared with each paper carrying 100 marks.

Students achieving the minimum cut-off marks along with that of AIR (All India Rank) within 2.24 lakhs are only allowed to appear for their JEE Advanced examination. JEE Advanced has a basic syllabus similar to that of the Mains, though its testing pattern is more difficult. Along with multiple-choice questions involving reasoning understanding and knowledge, there are often questions which have multiple answers too. Checking previous years’ question papers can be partially helpful since the pattern undergoes slight changes every year. Keeping the same in mind, our experts at Vedantu have designed modules which can help you effectively prepare for this career-defining entrance examination of your life.

How Vedantu Helps in Preparing for JEE?

The global crisis that has erupted with the spread of coronavirus has prompted us to take immediate action to help our students. With no chance to attend any offline classes or even access books and study material offline, Vedantu has come up with its masterclasses. It is important that you do not let this pandemic force you into a panic; instead, avail these benefits we are offering to help you prepare for JEE and effectively better your AIR in the upcoming JEE Mains.

  • Live Classes

Conducted by some of the best teachers in India with years of experience in helping students achieve good ranks in JEE, our live classes cover all the subjects and topics of your entrance exam. Furthermore, our teachers do not just cover all relevant topics but also teach diverse methods to solve different types of problems fast. You can simply use your laptop, tablet or even a smartphone to access these classes to clear any doubts you have.

  • Free of Cost Aid

With a severe crisis like Covid19 threatening the whole globe, Vedantu is offering its live masterclasses for free of cost. It is our sincere belief that as academicians out here to help students, this is a time when we all must come together to help each other in every way possible.

  • Doubt Clearing

A vital requirement while preparing for any examination is that of clearing doubts. Our masterclasses, which are conducted live, offer ample scope for students to clear any doubt they have in whatever subject through the Q&A section. While on the one hand, these classes explain all relevant topics, you can also discuss specific questions and doubts after a session ends. Remember to note down any doubt that comes to your mind while attending these classes.

  • Regular Mock Tests

As a student aspiring to clear JEE, you have to note that your competition lies as much with yourself as with others. While you must prepare your best on the one hand, on the other, you have to ensure that it is adequate to be better than others. Consequently, pitching yourself against the odds of other students is vital. Realising this issue along with the obvious necessity of preparing you for actual exam conditions, Vedantu also offers regular mock tests.

Checked by experienced teachers, these can help you assess your shortcomings and focus on important topics accordingly.

  • Study Materials

With restricted offline availability of study materials, Vedantu is also providing necessary study material to prepare for JEE. Along with clearing your doubts, you can also easily access the study materials provided by Vedantu. You can access them online at any time from your home as long as you have registered on the official site of Vedantu. Your registration can be completed easily by providing us with your email ID and phone number. Once registered, you can simply join our masterclass program for JEE. 

  • Easy Access

Easy access is a necessity that helps save time while preparing for any exam. With the vast syllabus that every student must cover while preparing for JEE, easy access simply translates to additional time for preparation.

While Vedantu offers easy access with its online masterclass for JEE, it also allows you to schedule your preparation according to personal convenience. You can access study materials or appear for mock tests as per your convenience to suit your personal preparation schedule for JEE. You can even download study materials for offline access at a later time.

Especially since you cannot go out of your home amidst this rising pandemic, you should focus more on your preparation of JEE. Benefits offered by Vedantu ensure that you have every necessity covered for your academic preparation, and you should make the most of it. Additionally, also make it a point to enforce every preventive measure to safeguard against coronavirus.

Access Vedantu online, make your personal schedule and give in everything for JEE preparation. You have the time at hand to not just prepare, but to excel in JEE.

Coronavirus Caused The Shutdown Of Offline Study Centres: How Vedantu Online is A Boon For Jee Preparation