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CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 4 Maths Mock Paper 2

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 4 Maths Sample Papers - Mock Paper 2 (2024-25)

Mathematics is a kind of subject, which requires a lot of preparation and practice, so Sample Papers of Class 4 Math play an important role in their final exam preparation. Mock Papers for Class 4 are prepared according to the final examination question paper like the pattern and the forms of the question. The Sample Question Paper of Class 4 Math is prepared following the recent CBSE guidelines and their weightage.

The Mock Paper of Class 4 Math will help the student to understand all the important topics covered in the particular chapter and also helps to remember the important formula of the chapter.  Mock Papers are provided along with the solutions prepared by the team of subject experts at Vedantu.

Going through the Class 4 Mathematics syllabus is the primary step for the analysis of all the topics covered, which would help to understand the topics and the weightage of marks covered in the Class 4 Math.

Class 4 Math Syllabus Chapters

Sl. No

Chapter Name 


Chapter 1

Building with Bricks


Chapter 2 

Long and Short


Chapter 3

A Trip to Bhopal


Chapter 4



Chapter 5

The Way The World Looks


Chapter 6

The Junk Seller


Chapter 7

Jugs and Mugs


Chapter 8

Carts and Wheels


Chapter 9

Halves and Quarters


Chapter 10

Play with Patterns


Chapter 11

Tables and Shares


Chapter 12

How Heavy? How Light?


Chapter 13

Fields and Fences


Chapter 14

Smart Charts



Benefits of solving Class 4 Math Sample Question Paper

Some of the important benefits of solving Sample Papers are given below:

  • It helps to improve the analytical and problem-solving skills of a Class 4 student.

  • It helps to increase the speed and accuracy of solving by solving different Sample Papers.

  • It helps the students to identify the areas of improvement so that they can spend more time mastering those topics.

  • It helps the student through the entire syllabus and recall the important formulas of Class 4.

  • Sample Papers will give some idea about the upcoming examination paper.

  • Solving different Sample Papers enhances the understanding of various topics covered in Class 4 Mathematics.



Vedantu has the latest collection of Sample Question Paper of Class 4 Math, solving all the Sample Papers will help the student to understand the pattern, weightage and also the important questions. Vedantu provides all the Class 4 Math Sample Question Paper free of cost in the form of PDF along with the solutions.


Math in CBSE Class 4 is an important chapter for students since it develops logical and analytical thinking at a young age. Math is one of the most important subjects because it has countless applications in a variety of fields, including our daily lives. It is essential that students begin to lay solid Mathematical foundations at this young age. It will be really beneficial in the future. Students in Class 4 can get free study materials and practise papers from Vedantu. Make sure you take advantage of the free material available to you.

Other Benefits of solving Class 4 Math Sample Papers: 

Math is a crucial subject, as previously said. It should not be overlooked at any cost. The following are some of the advantages of Mathematics for fourth-grade students. 

  • Math has a lot of applications in real life. Later in their career students may find it difficult to apply Mathematical equations in real life. But for the students of Class 4, they are taught topics that are very much applicable and students would enjoy calculating things while they go shopping with their parents or just simply comparing who among their friends has the most pencils.

  • Math assists students in the development of higher-order thinking and critical thinking skills.

  • Many students who are interested in Mathematics may go on to seek a profession in the field.

FAQs on CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 4 Maths Mock Paper 2

1. What are the Other Study Materials a Class 4 Student Should Refer to?

Some of the other study materials a Class 4 student should refer to, to improve their performance are revision notes, important questions, previous year question papers, and multiple-choice question papers.

2. What is the Importance of Sample Papers?

Sample papers are a good revision practise material for the final examination.  It is always beneficial for the student to practise some of the sample papers so that they can know their potential.

3. Which are the Important Topics of the Class 4 Maths?

Some of the important topics of Class 4 Maths, having more weightage are Tick-Tick-Tick, The Junk Seller, Carts and Wheels, Halves and Quarters, Play with Patterns, Tables and Shares, How Heavy? How Light?, Fields and Fences.

4. What is the syllabus of Class 4 Math?

Class 4 Math is filled with real-life applicable chapters which will be very helpful to them. Here is the list of chapters included in the syllabus of Class 4 Mathematics. Prepare them well for a good Mathematics foundation.

  1. Building with Bricks

  2. Long and Short

  3. A Trip to Bhopal

  4. Tick-Tick-Tick

  5. The Way The World Looks

  6. The Junk Seller

  7. Jugs and Mugs

  8. Carts and Wheels

  9. Halves and Quarters

  10. Play with Patterns

  11. Tables and Shares

  12. How Heavy? How Light?

  13. Fields and Fences

  14. Smart Charts

5. How to score maximum marks in Class 4 Math?

Mathematics is all about practice. The more you practice the stronger your concepts get. For Class 4 students it is important that the students develop a good foundational understanding of the topics. Before practicing any topic, make sure to get a fundamental theory of the topic and then attempt to solve questions. To score well, practice is important and the other important thing is revision. Make sure you revise regularly and focus on topics where you tend to make more mistakes.

6. What are the benefits of solving Math Sample Papers?

Math is all about solving questions. One cannot master Math by simply reading the theories and memorizing the formulas. Problems must be solved in order to fully comprehend how things operate. So, it is very important for the students of Class 4 to solve Sample Papers. First, it gives the students a real-life view of using Math. Solving Sample Papers reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the students. So, one can focus on their weaknesses. Study the theory a few more times and practice more and more problems. Apart from this, solving Sample Papers teaches students how to manage time. Students who practice more and more Sample Papers are more likely to solve the paper on time in the actual examination.

7. Where can I find the solutions for Class 4 Math Sample Papers?

You may download Class 4 Mathematics solutions on Vedantu's website. Vedantu has teachers who are professionals in their domains and have developed straightforward easy-to-understand solutions. So that students may easily comprehend the concepts and understand the questions. In Maths, Vedantu contains solutions to all of the chapters. You may get started right now by downloading the PDFs and practicing the questions. All of the solutions from all of the chapters are properly indexed in Vedantu, making it easy for students to find the information they need. 

8. What is the correct way for students of Class 4  to solve a Math Sample Paper?

To make full use of the Class 4 Math Sample Paper. First, go through the theory of the chapters and try to understand what's happening and how the formulas are working. Then try attempting textbook questions. Once you gain confidence in all the chapters then attempt the Sample Paper. Sample Paper teaches students how to manage time during examinations. So it is important to solve the paper in a fixed time. Revise topics were to often make mistakes and practice more questions related to those topics.