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CBSE Term 1 Sample Papers for Class 10

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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CBSE Class 10 Sample Question Papers with Solutions

Good news for all 10th class students who are appearing for boards this year. CBSE has released sample papers for class 10 on the official website of CBSE. The term-1 exams are on their way starting from 30th November 2021. Students may be embracing themselves for their last-mile preparations for class 10th CBSE exams. In this situation, Vedantu brings you a sample paper of science, social studies, and mathematics with the solutions, so that you can run like a bolt in your syllabus revision process.

These sample papers are designed by taking care of revised syllabus patterns so that you won’t find any problem in finding new topics. The reason behind the new syllabus pattern is the impact of the widespread COVID-19 situation across the nation. The syllabus is reduced by the CBSE for the class 10th board. 

All the students of class 10 must start practising these sample papers. If you are solving one sample paper in a day then you are boosting your confidence by 1X. Attempt as much as you can. It will help you to get an idea about exam patterns, repeating topics, important topics, question types, syllabus, and time management. Learning all of this is eventually going to help in preparing exam attempting strategy, problem-solving in limited time, tackling complicated questions, and scoring maximum with full confidence. 

Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE Term 1

Benefits of Studying Class 10 CBSE Board Sample Papers

Our list of sample papers includes important questions with their marks weightage from each chapter of the class 10 syllabus. Also, it covers the most important NCERT back exercises questions series. 

Here you go with the list of benefits:

  • You’ll get an idea about the exam pattern and questions types

  • Students can explore the actual marking scheme

  • Overall exam analysis helps the students to prepare the exam strategy accordingly

  • Practising the sample papers boosts time management and problem-solving skills

  • Sample papers boost the confidence level of students and decrease the exam anxiety

The bottom line about sample paper solving talks about self-evaluation. It is because completing and revising the syllabus is not enough to perform well in the actual exam. Student needs to face the actual thrill of exams. Hence, practising the sample paper is a traditional but evergreen trend among the students. Moreover, our solutions in the sample help students in knowing much better of expressing the answer in the exam.

We hope that students have got the gist of what we’ve tried to convey in this small piece.