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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions for Chapter 7 - Exercise 7.6

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Download Important RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions for Chapter 7 - Statistics Exercise 7.6 - Free PDF

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Advantages of Referring to RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 7

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), an autonomous organization, is known for designing textbooks at the primary as well as secondary levels. Let’s look at some of the features which make NCERT textbooks stand apart from other books.

1. The NCERT textbooks have several illustrations that make the textbook very interesting to study and learn. After every concept, there are solved examples that solidify the concept in the student’s mind and add value to their understanding.

2. NCERT textbooks give students lots to practice as there is an exercise with different kinds of questions for every section in the chapter.

3. These books are designed by subject matter experts and are carefully researched.

4. The books are very easy to read and follow. Each concept is explained in a detailed manner and followed with solved examples and exercises.

5. NCERT textbooks adhere to the CBSE syllabus and are prescribed by CBSE themselves.

List of Sections in Chapter 7 - Statistics

The sections of this chapter are:

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Mean of Grouped Data

7.3 Mode of Grouped Data

7.4 Median of Grouped Data

7.5 Graphical Representation of Cumulative Frequency Distribution

7.6 Summary

List of Examples in Chapter 7 - Statistics

The number of examples included in this chapter is:

  • Example 1

  • Example 2

  • Example 3

  • Example 4

  • Example 5

  • Example 6

  • Example 7

  • Example 8

  • Example 9

List of Activities in Chapter 7 - Statistics

Here are the number of activities included in the chapter:

  • Activity 1

  • Activity 2

  • Activity 3

List of Exercises in Chapter 7 - Statistics

Here is the list of the exercises that are included in the chapter:

  • Exercise 7.1 - 9 questions

  • Exercise 7.2 - 6 questions

  • Exercise 7.3 - 7 questions

  • Exercise 7.4 - 3 questions

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions for Chapter 7 - Exercise 7.6

1. Where can I find useful study resources for Class 10 Chapter 7 - Statistics?

These resources are created by professionals in the field and the content is accurate and reliable. Students can find revision notes, important questions, question papers, and a whole lot more. These study materials are completely free and there is not a single penny involved. Students just need to sign in and then you will be able to download what you want in PDF format. You can take advantage of these free resources that will surely help you to ace your exams. You can find everything you need on the Vedantu app or website.

2. Why is studying from the NCERT book essential for RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions?

The CBSE board of examinations prescribes NCERT texts. These books are based on the most recent CBSE syllabus. As a result, these books are sufficient for Class 10 test preparation. It discusses things in a simple and straightforward manner. When it comes to strengthening your fundamentals, these texts are the best. It includes a lot of solved examples and exercises to help students learn more. The exam paper will be nearly entirely based on the NCERT textbook. As a result, pupils should extensively read the NCERT book.

3. What are the topics covered in Chapter 7 of the Class 10 Maths NCERT textbook by RD Sharma?

Chapter 7 - Statistics begins with an Introduction to the measures of central tendency. Next, we have down the line is the Mean, Median, and Mode of Grouped Data. Data is huge and what’s better than studying them in real life. We need to convert these data sets into meaningful grouped data. At times, working with these data values becomes tedious and time-consuming. In the last leg of the chapter, students will learn about the Graphical Representation of Cumulative Frequency Distribution.

4. Is it necessary to solve all the chapter exercises?

It is usually preferable to complete all of the chapter activities because this will provide you with more practice in order to do better on your board exams. Math isn't merely a subject that can be read or memorized. It necessitates a lot of practice and hard work. Every section of the NCERT textbook includes examples and exercises. After you've gone over each part, go through the solved examples and make sure you understand them properly. Then try to solve the remaining exercises. There is a potential that identical questions will appear in the examination, so students should thoroughly practise the sums in the exercises.

5. How to score well in RD Sharma Class 10 Maths?

The best way to accomplish well in the exams is to practice sums from RD Sharma's Class 10 mathematics textbook. Complete all of the exercises in each chapter. This will enhance your problem-solving abilities as well as your speed and efficiency. You can also keep track of significant formulas, definitions, and equations in a notebook and review them on a regular basis. Within a time restriction, complete the sample papers and question papers from prior years. This will help you become more comfortable with the paper layout and question types while also improving your time management abilities. Revise frequently so that you can remember everything you've learned for a longer time.

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