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Write three characteristics of particles of matter. Give one example for each?

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint: Matter can be felt with the senses. When you touch a table, you can feel there is something that occupies some space. The fundamental particle of every matter is an atom and it takes part in every chemical reaction.

Complete answer:
Everything that is around us and the presence of which can be felt with the help of any of our five senses, i.e., sight, touch, smell, hearing, and the taste is called a matter.
This whole universe is made up of only two things i.e., matter and energy.
A few examples of matter are clothes, iron, gold, wood, milk, petrol, etc.
Characteristics of particles of matter are:
(a)- The matter has particles which are very small in size. For example: when we dissolve powdered sugar in a glass of water, every drop of the water tastes sweet. When we add milk in water, the color of water changes to white, even if we add more water it remains white, this is because the particle size of the matter is very small.
(b)- They occupy space: For example, the compression of gas is quite easy; compression of liquid requires some energy in the form of force. Solids are not easily compressible, they require large energy. The force of attraction is least in gas and most in solid.
(c)- They have a force of attraction and get attracted to each other. For example, we can break a piece of chalk easily but break the piece of nail. Hence, we can say that the force of attraction is different in a different matter.

Note: We have seen that there are 3 types of states of matter i.e., solid, liquid, and gases. In recent discoveries, the fourth state of matter has been seen. It is called a plasma. It has properties other than three.