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Write the list of pleasant and unpleasant sound:

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint:In physics, sound is a form of energy which can be heard and Sound waves are longitudinal waves which means the vibrations of the particles of waves are parallel to the direction of propagation of sound waves in a medium.

Complete answer:
Let us first understand the meaning of pleasant and unpleasant sound in brief. The types of sound which feels good or in harmony with human hearing are called pleasant sounds whereas some sounds which are not good or not good for hearing and it makes one irritating can be referred to as unpleasant sound.

List of pleasant sound:
-Sounds produced by flute which makes a person happy and in harmony with hearing.
-Music songs which are good to hear and makes one happy.
-Sounds from piano and violin and many other musical instruments are an example of pleasant sound.

List of unpleasant sound:
-Noise are the kind of sounds which are unpleasant to hear. These sounds are unwanted and make hearing irritating and disturbing. Noise can even cause temporary hearing impairment while noise is listed continuously.
-Sounds which are produced from Bike horns, bus horns and all the sound which are produced in traffic through various vehicles.
-Electrical generators and gunshot sounds are some examples of unpleasant sound.

Note: It should be remembered that, not only for human hearing some sounds are pleasant and unpleasant even for other living animals unpleasant sound disturbs their peace and they get scared from unpleasant sound and its believed that the male cuckoo produce pleasant sound and human being’s like those sounds and it produce like “Koo-Kooo” call.