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Write the IUPAC name of $C{H_3} - {(C{H_2})_5} - CHO$

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: Aldehydes are organic compounds containing $ - COH$group. The given compound is aldehyde.
Its common name is Heplanaldehyde as it contains 7 carbon atoms in molecules.

Step by step answer: The given compound $C{H_3} - {(C{H_2})_5} - CHO$ is open chain aliphatic aldehyde.
There are following steps for living IUPAC names of compounds.
(i) Select the longest chain of carbon compounds.
$C{H_3} - C{H_2} - C{H_2} - C{H_2} - C{H_2} - C{H_2} - CHO$
The longest chain has 7 carbon atoms.
Therefore the parent alkane is Heptane.
(ii) Then give numbers to carbon atoms. Numbering should be starting from the carbon of the aldehyde group.
(iii) Since there are no other substituents attached to the carbon chain.
$\therefore $The name of aldehyde is derived by replacing the ending $ - e$with $ - al.$
The parent alkane is Heptane.
$\therefore $$ - e$ of heptane is replaced by $ - al.$

Therefore, IUPAC name of given aldehyde is Heptane.

Note: Aldehyde and ketone both are carbonyl groups. Aldehyde group is always terminal and the carbon of the aldehyde group is numbered as 1.
Carbon of the ketone group has a different position.
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