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Write the given statement using numbers, literals and signs of basic operations 7 taken away from $y$.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:We know that, $x$ taken away from $y$ means $x$ value subtracted from $y$ value, where $x{\text{ and }}y$ are integers.

Complete step-by-step answer:
First of all we have to understand the statement by splitting the words.
Then we will get,
7 Taken away from $y$.
Now we have to convert this split statement into numbers, literals and signs of basic operations.
We can take 7 as it is, because that is a number itself.
Take away from can be derived as subtracted from, for which we can use the sign of basic operation.
We can consider $y$ as an unknown value, more often an integer and we can take $y$ as it is.
Now we have to bring the split version of the derived statement together.
Then we will get the below statement,
     \[7{\text{ }}subtracted{\text{ }}from{\text{ }}y.\]
The above statement can be further derived to get the desired format.
     \[y - 7\]
Hence we get the answer.

Note:In the above problem, we derived \[7{\text{ subtracted from }}y\] as \[y - 7\].
Why we didn’t write that as $7 - y?$
It’s because whenever we write $x{\text{ subtracted from }}y$ , then $x$ value should be subtracted from $y$ and not $y$ value from $x$ value.
So, we should write the $y$ value first followed by the sign and the $x$ value.
Hence we arrived at the above solution.