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How can I write the formula for calcium nitride?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: As we know that nitride has the oxidation state of -3, that is it is denoted by the symbol ${{N}^{3-}}$. And we can write the calcium nitride formula on the basis of this, which is a balanced oxidation state.

Complete Solution :
- As we know that oxidation states basically indicate the hypothetical charge on the atom that is given on the basis of gain of electrons or loss of electrons to form a chemical bond.
- It is found that the oxidation number of an atom is equal to the total number of electrons that is added to the element or is removed from an element to reach the present state.
- As we know that calcium nitride is ionic in nature and we can write it in dissociated as well as in balanced form as:$C{{a}^{2+}}$ and ${{N}^{3-}}$ .
- It is found that nitrogen exists as diatomic and calcium exists as monatomic in nature. Therefore, on the basis of this information we can write the formula for calcium nitride as $C{{a}_{3}}{{N}_{2}}$, based on their oxidation states.
- Hence, we can conclude that we can write the formula for calcium nitride as $C{{a}_{3}}{{N}_{2}}$.

Note: - We should note that while writing the chemical formula we must know in which form the atom exists whether di, mono or triatomic, and we must also know the oxidation states. All these facts will help us to get the correct answer.