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Write the composition and its percentage (approx.) and uses of the following alloys:
(i) Stainless steel (ii) Duralumin (iii) German silver.

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Hint: Alloys are the compounds made up of one or more metals or non-metallic elements. Some examples of common alloy are Steel and brass. Steel contains iron (metal) and carbon (non-metal).
Bronze is an alloy containing copper (metal) and tin (metal).

Complete answer:
In the question it is given that to write the composition of a few alloys.
The given alloys are Stainless steel, Duralumin, German silver.
(i) Stainless steel:
It contains chromium and nickel.
The composition is Chromium-18%, Nickel-8%.
Stainless steel is used in building material because of its durability.
(ii) Duralumin:
It contains aluminum, copper, magnesium, and manganese.
The composition is Aluminum-95%, Copper-4%, Magenesium-0.5%, and Managnese-0.5%.
It is used in aircraft structures, truck wheels, rivets, screws used in machine products where nice machinability and better strength is required.
(iii) German silver:
It contains Copper, zinc, and nickel.
The composition is Copper-60%, Zinc-20%, Nickel-20%
The above composition looks like silver in color. That is why it is used in costume jewelry, better quality keys and making musical instruments.

Note: The properties of alloys are going to depend on the composition of the chemicals.
As the composition is going to change the properties of the alloys are going to vary.
German silver does not contain silver in its composition but in the name the word silver includes due to the color of the alloy is going to resemble the color of the silver metal.