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Write any two differences between a binocular and a terrestrial telescope.

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint:First make use of the general definition of telescope and then find out the differences in specific.Telescope is an optional instrument. It makes distant objects appear larger and brighter by the condition of lenses.

Complete step by step solution:
Binocular telescope: Firstly the binocular telescope was invented by J.P Lemiere in \[1825.\]
In modern time used it known as the modern prism binocular, began with ignition Paris \[1854\] Italian patent for a prism erecting system binocular telescope is made from two small prismatic telescope which joined together binocular provide enlarged images of distance object has variety of setting as hiking, wildlife viewing, brightening hunting etc. it is very versatile tool. In this type of telescope, it uses both eyes because it is made of two telescopes mounted on a single frame.

Terrestrial telescope: Terrestrial means relating to the earth, or we can say what we can find on the earth. So a terrestrial telescope used for observing terrestrial objects, which gives an image that is not inverted this telescope mostly used for high magnification viewing over long distances in daylight. Quality of image depends upon the optical system quality of glass and the coating applied to the surface of each lens.

Difference between binocular telescope and terrestrial telescope:
As we illustrated, a terrestrial telescope offers a greater magnification, but in binocular not good magnification as compared terrestrial telescope uses greater aperture, and gives letter performance in low light condition.
Except this binocular offers a 3D depth of field and the telescope is flat.

Note: Do not think both the microscopes are similar. Actually both have differences according to their structure, and working principle. And their uses are also very different.