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Write any four uses of metals.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Metals are opaque and lustrous elements. They are good conductors of heat and electricity along with being malleable and ductile. They are found to be denser than the other elemental substances.

Complete answer:
- Metals are those elements that are malleable, ductile, sonorous, and good conductors of heat and electricity.
- They have a high melting point and are solid at room temperature except for mercury which is liquid.
- Metals are also sonorous and produce sound when they are hit, causing such metals to be used in various instruments and bells.
- Metals are found to be useful in a wide range of industrial applications. Some of them are listed below.
- Aluminum metal is the most abundant metal found in the earth’s crust. It finds applications in the automobile industry, building industry, etc.
- Copper is another important metal that is useful in making machine parts, electric wires, etc. Coins and jewelry are made using copper.
- Gold is a lustrous metallic mineral. It is primarily used for making jewelry. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and is used in the electronic industry.
- Since metals show properties like high strength and toughness, steel and iron are extensively used in the building industry.

Note: Metals show reactivity and undergo chemical change either by themselves or by reacting with some other elements, releasing heat in the process. Potassium and sodium are the most reactive metals which react violently when exposed to air or water.