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Write an essay by developing the following hints:

Children in garden — giant’s friend — seven years — big wall — notice board — nature’s fury — winter throughout the year — wonderful sight — little boy — giant’s help — spring — giant’s information — to the children — longing to see the small boy — giant’s sickness — little boy’s arrival — giant dead.

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: The format of an essay is as follows:
This format is helpful to write an essay.

Complete answer:
     A long time ago, there were children who were well-behaved and angelic. They were the most friendly and good-natured children one could ever come across. They used to play in a big garden. One of the children, a boy of nine, wandered through the garden and became friends with a giant.
     The boy was always seen with the giant in the garden, they used to play, the giant used to read him stories, and they used to be together. Seven years passed, and they became the best of friends. One day, the children gathered around a notice board that seemed to signal everyone about the awful storm heading their way. The people of this town witnessed the true fury of nature as everybody was terrified and stayed indoors. The little boy was afraid for the giant was all alone. So, he plucked up courage and ventured to find the giant. At first, he was amazed by the sight of snow, and soon, began to shiver and quake. The giant saw him and picked him up. He put him to rest on a fluffy bed and read him a story to calm him. The boy recovered and thanked the giant.
     After some time, spring was restored to the town and the children told the boy that the giant was ill. After hearing this, the child was grief-stricken and set out to the garden straight away. The little boy arrived at the sight of the pale giant tucked up in bed. Unable to restrain himself, the boy started crying. The giant consoled him. As the boy read him a bedtime story, the giant cried happy tears and peacefully passed away. The boy grew up to write his stories for children about his friendship with the giant.

It is extremely necessary to follow the format given above to write an essay. The
introduction and conclusion should be short and the body of the essay should be lengthy. The given hints should be followed.