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 Write an Autobiography of a Bird

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Leaving delicately from my eggshell, I came into this world. My parents were my greatest strength because they taught me everything and how. Slowly crawling, I saw bright, shining sunbeams with dancing trees.

My parents told me it was the world and that I belong. They fed me every day and put me at ease in the prettiest of nests and when the night was wearing his darkest coat, they warmed me with their softest feathers. They taught me daily the affairs of the world and how life and the world were kept in a great ship. The most exciting day of my life was when I learned to fly because the strength of each bird is to have a perfect flight.

I could not fly perfectly but by daily practice, I perfected my flight. Every day, I learned about myself and the world around me. The saddest day of my life was when I had to leave home to find myself. I left home and flew to the world that saw plenty.

It was a bright day when I was alone, in search of food and comfort. I had to face many difficulties to stay safe. Every day I came out of the house on an empty stomach, but I came back at night with a stomach full of satisfaction. Every day, I travelled the world and met new birds and made new friends.

My best friend was a woodpecker unlike me who was a lyrebird. We both travelled the world and migrated each season to our respective places. It was really beautiful to see the greenery and colours because it's for me; life was all about, that is, to witness every beautiful place. It was time for me to attract female birds to find a mate and I did it. She was the prettiest lyrebird I had ever seen. We both rested under a beautiful nest and made our life even more wonderful with little babies. They completed the life and we made a nice family. This is the life I dreamed about and that everyone should dream about.