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Write an article on cruelty to animals in zoos.

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Article writing is a form of writing that is written with the intention of reaching a large audience through the media. When it comes to article writing, the press refers to publishing houses that distribute newspapers, magazines, journals, and other publications. It is not easy to write an article for a newspaper or a magazine.

Complete answer:
Animal cruelty, also known as animal abuse or animal neglect, is the accidental (animal neglect) or deliberate (animal abuse) infliction of pain or damage on any non-human animal by humans, regardless of whether the act is illegal. More narrowly, it may refer to the intentional infliction of pain or suffering for a particular goal, such as killing animals for food or fur; views vary on the level of cruelty associated with various methods of slaughter. As in zoosadism, cruelty to animals may include causing damage or suffering for personal amusement.

Animal abuse laws are intended to prohibit unnecessarily inhuman treatment of animals. Different jurisdictions around the world have different approaches to such rules. Some laws regulate how animals are killed for food, clothes, or other items, while others regulate how animals are kept for entertainment, education, science, or as pets. Animal cruelty is not quite the same as animal disrespect.
In general, there are three philosophical approaches to the problem of animal cruelty. The animal welfare view holds that using animals for human purposes such as food, clothes, entertainment, and science is not necessarily wrong, but that it should be done in a way that minimises needless pain and suffering, which is often referred to as "humane" care.

Utilitarians contend from the perspective of costs and benefits, and their assumptions about the care of animals differ. Some utilitarians advocate for a weaker stance that is more in line with animal welfare, whereas others advocate for a position that is more in line with animal rights. These views are criticised by animal rights theorists, who argue that the terms "unnecessary" and "humane" can be interpreted in a variety of ways and that animals have fundamental rights. According to them, the best way to guarantee animal welfare is to abolish their status as property and ensure that they are never used as resources.

Note: Tips for writing a good article include the following:
- Master the first few words. You must begin with a strong first sentence in order to have a strong introduction.
- Have a specific point of view to share.
- Maintain a straightforward approach.
- Answer the reader directly.
- Explain the subject of the post.
- Describe the significance of the post.