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Write a note on the dhekli system of irrigation.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The process of supplying a limited amount of water to the crops/plants in intervals is known as irrigation.

Complete Answer:
As we all know, there are various steps involved in the process of growing a crop, irrigation is one of the steps. Though all plants need water, different plants need different amounts of water to grow.
The Dhekli system comes under the traditional method of irrigation and in this either human labor or animal or both are used. In this method, a bucket and a rope is connected to a pole in order to collect water from the well. After the water is collected in the bucket, the human labor pours the water from the bucket into the field.

This method has been discontinued because of the following reasons,
1) It causes a lot of water wastage.
2) It requires high amounts of human labor.
3) It does not produce really efficient results.

Other traditional methods include,
- Moat (Pulley system)
- Rahat
- Chain pump

Note: These days modern modes of irrigation are employed by most farmers. The two very common methods are - sprinkler system and drip irrigation.