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Write a general essay in about 200 words on the following topic:

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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 Deforestation means cutting down trees for the purposes of industrialization, making houses, grazing animals, and clearing forests for usage by humans. While writing the essay, talk about what is deforestation, why deforestation is carried out, what trees are used for, how humans will use the cleared land, and how it is harmful to the environment.

Complete answer:
Deforestation refers to the process of cutting down trees to use the cleared land for building houses, industries, farming, grazing animals, and using the trees for their timber. With the ever-growing population, the need for human activities is also increasing which is why deforestation is so rampant.
Deforestation is one of the main causes of the degradation of our environment. Trees are the sole providers of oxygen. They also help in keeping the topsoil being washed away during heavy rains since they hold them with their roots. This prevents the important minerals of the soil from being eroded which helps in the growth of more plants and trees. They are also home to a large number of wildlife. A lot of animals and birds are becoming extinct as a result of deforestation. When deforestation is carried out, we end the source of our oxygen. The forest cover of the earth is decreasing at a rapid rate which is why we are facing such a serious problem of climate change.
Deforestation should be minimized as soon as possible. For every tree cut down, we should plant another one if we have to save the environment and our lives.

  Always keep the word limit of the essay in mind. Also, write the essay along the lines of the topic given and don’t go off-topic. For example, while writing about deforestation, don’t write too much about industrialization.