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Write a composition (in approximately 450-500 words) on the following subject:
“Today, in our global society, if young people go abroad to study or to seek jobs, they cannot be termed unpatriotic.” Write for or against this topic.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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The format of an essay is as follows:
This format is helpful to write an essay.

Complete answer:


     In recent years, the quality of education in different countries has changed. It has either become better and improved or become worse due to negligence or interference. The children that choose to go abroad to study should not be termed unpatriotic as that neither determines the respect they have for their country nor their intentions after study.
     There is a huge level of migration that happens across the world and across multiple countries. The reason for this is the search for a constantly improving standard of living. Some people are even fleeing conflict zones. In order to study an esoteric subject, one has to go to the place of origin of the subject. For example, if one wanted to learn Indology, they would have to stay in India. This is an unquestionable requirement, it may even be temporary. Some students go abroad to explore. It is natural to want to broaden one’s horizons. It is not unpatriotic to travel, explore, and want to live around the world. Even when some people work for corporations in their own country, it serves the headquarters/owners of that corporation who could be citizens of another country. Does that make one more patriotic than someone working hard to improve the image of their own country abroad? It is an illogical statement, to say the least. The patriotism of one man can be the hatred of another. It is a very contrived concept. The feeling of belonging is intact in everyone who goes abroad. One cannot truly change where they come from. So, there is no question of being unpatriotic.
     So, the conclusion we arrive at is that patriotism is a subjective feeling. One cannot police another’s patriotism, as both are doing what they think is right. Every individual has the right to do what they want as long as it’s not unethical.

The given statement should be elaborated upon. You must choose between defending the statement and disproving it. It is extremely necessary to follow the format given above to write an essay. The introduction and conclusion should be short and the body of the essay should be lengthy.