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Write a brief note on the lifestyle of the people of Chizami.

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Chizami is an Indian village in the state of Nagaland in the Phek district. It is a small village that falls within India's North-East zone.

Complete Answer:
 This village's people do terrace farming. They have individual areas of their own. But they also work in each other's fields jointly. They shape six or eight groups and take an entire mountainside to clean the requirements on it. Once their work for the day is done, each group eats together.
For nearly a decade, the village has seen a transition in terms of environmental conservation and socioeconomic changes. Chizami is currently visited by younger generations from nearby villages such as Kohima to complete their internships in the production model of Chizami.
As counted in the 2011 Census, the total number of families residing in Chizami Village is 586. The village's total population is 2592, of which 1289 are males and 1303 are females. There are 2565 of the total population of Scheduled Tribes, of which 1275 are males and 1290 are females.
There are a total of 1682 educated people in Chizami Village, of whom 911 are men and 771 are women. In local textiles, the village of Chizami is famous for its Chizami weave.

When the North East Network began to work towards the success of Chizami village in Nagaland, this tiny village came into the limelight. It is committed to enhancing the quality of life where women live locally.