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Why do we need rights in a democracy? Give 5 reasons

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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We all know that democracy stands on the pillar called “rule of law”. This restricts the powers of government and prevents any dictatorial behaviour from it. Rights are given for the citizens so that it can be used as a tool to maintain rule of law. They are the positive limitations on the government and other entities as well.

The following points through the light that why we need rights in a democracy:-

1. It will help to create necessary changes that will make our government run in a better way.

2. It is a very important part for the very sustenance of a democracy. Without rights, democracy in a country becomes ineffective and meaningless.

3. It safeguards minorities from the tyranny of majorities.

4. For democracy to exist, rights are very necessary. Each countryman has the right to participate in the democratic process. 

5. It helps to maintain law and order when some citizens try to take away the rights of others.

6. It enables us to speak for ourselves and what we desire from our government. Also, it helps us in to choose a better leader to run the government.

7. People can live dignified life if there are rights in the democracy.

8. In lieu of democratic elections, citizens should have the right to express their thoughts, enable to form political parties and can take part in political activities.

At last, it is expected from the government to protect citizen’s rights. But most of the times we see that elected government may not protect or may even attack the rights of their own citizens. So, it is necessary that some rights need to be placed higher than the government so that it cannot violate them.

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