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Which state came into being on 1st November 1956?
a)Mysuru State
b)Telangana State
c)Vishal Mysuru State

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Hint:India has undergone three stages of reorganization of states. With the report of the State Reorganization Commission, India underwent the first state of reorganization as 14 states and 6 union territories were formed.

Complete Answer:The first state linguistic state of Andhra was formed in 1953 which led to demands for statehood from other states. Eventually, the State Reorganization Commission was set up.

Let us look at the options given to us
a)The Kingdom of Mysore was made the state of Mysuru in the year 1956 as recommended by the State Reorganization Commission. Its capital was Bangalore. Later, in 1973 ,its name was changed to Karnataka.

b)The state of Telangana was formed from the state of Andhra Pradesh in 2014 and Hyderabad is its capital.

d)The state of Manipur is formed from the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur. In 1949 by signing the Instrument of Accession it became a part of India. In 1956 it became a Union Territory and in 1972 it became a state.

Therefore the correct option is (A)-State of Mysuru.

Note:The Vishalandhra movement was a post independence movement demanding the state of Greater Andhra or Vishal Andhra for Telugu speaking people. After prolonged agitation and death of activist Potti Sriramilu , the state of Andhra was created out of the erstwhile state of Madras.