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Which party gave the slogan ‘Save Democracy’ in the Lok Sabha elections of 1977?
A. Congress Party
B. Janata Party
C. Left front
D. Telugu Desam Party

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Democracy is a type of government wherein individuals have the power to pick their overseeing enactment.
-The 'Save Democracy' slogan was given by the party founded by Jayaprakash Narayan and the party had strongly opposed the 1975 National Emergency imposed during Indira Gandhi's rule.

Complete answer:
-The most important and enduring exercise of the 1976 Emergency was found after the Emergency was finished and the Lok Sabha elections were reported.
-The 1977 elections transformed into a choice on the experience of the Emergency, at any rate in north India where the effect of the Emergency was felt most emphatically.
Let us review the options and discuss the answer.
Option A. The Congress Party's famous slogan was 'Garibi Hatao' which was framed by the then PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1971. It is an incorrect option as the congress party saw no harm to the democracy of the nation.
Option B. The opposition to Congress Party i.e. Janata Dal battled the political decision on the trademark of 'save democracy’. The individuals' decision was definitively against the Emergency. The exercise was clear and has been emphasized in many state-level races from there on – governments that are seen to be against popularity based are seriously rebuffed by the citizens. Thus, it is the correct option.
Option C. Left front: - the famous slogan of the party was “Land of the Tiller” in the assembly elections of West Bengal in 1977. Thus, it is an incorrect option.
Option D. Telugu Desam Party - the famous slogan of the party was "Save self-respect of the Telugus" framed in 1983. Thus, it is an incorrect option.

Additional Information
-Janata Party acknowledged the initiative of Jayaprakash Narayan. A few heads of the Congress who were against the crisis likewise joined this new gathering. Some different Congress pioneers additionally came out and framed a separate gathering under the authority of Jagjivan Ram.
-This party, named Congress for Democracy, later converged with the Janata Party. The Janata Party made this political decision into a choice on the Emergency.

Therefore, the correct answer is Option B.

Note:The Janata Party (JNP, interpretation: People's Party was a combination of Indian ideological groups restricted to the Emergency that was forced between 1975 to 1977 by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of the Indian National Congress.
-In the 1977 general political decision, the gathering crushed the Congress and Janata pioneer Morarji Desai turned into the primary non-Congress PM in autonomous present-day India's set of experiences.