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Which one of the following was not the cause of the first carnatic war?
A. English wanted to establish there power in india
B. It was an echo of the austrian war succession in Europe
C. Ambitions of Dupleix to establish French power in india
D. The Dutch support the nawab of carnatic.

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Hint:This war was the war of supremacy over the large and resourceful territory like India. All the european countries wanted to trade with East Asia because of their differences with Turkey and therefore these companies both private and public were granted different charters by their respective governments.

Complete answer:
 Columbus was the first european from Spain who took voyage to India, although he lost his way and discovered America. Second voyage was taken by Vasco-da-gama of Portugal who took the support of coastal line and fortunately reached calicut, india in $1498\;AD$. There it was that a number of voyages were then taken by different countries to reach india. The portugese, the dutch, the britishers, the danes and the french came in. Captain Hawkins was the first of British East India company to land in Jahangir's court in surat.
Now here we see that it was not an easy job to conquer and rule India because now there were many contenders who wanted to colonise India and exploit its resources. One such was France. France and Britain shared very good relations until the fight of supremacy arose. A lot of factors influenced the tussle between french and british east india companies. But the most important of them was to establish supremacy over india. Dupleix of france was a passionate one and by hook or crook wanted the power over india. These ambitions led to a series of wars between France and british east india company.
First war which was fought between the two was the first carnatic war of $1744\;$which basically was influenced by the austrian succession in europe. This suggests that european affairs along with local affairs affected the companies in india. British were not of the opinion to fight a war but the Dupleix pof France was and thus he raised the banner of war and won. The Nawab of Carnatic was already in favour of France and therefore helped them with supplies.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note:First carnatic war ended with the treaty of aix-la-chapelle in $1744$ also called the treaty of ardan which was concluded and thus led to the establishment of france in south india. This war also resulted in the development of over-confidence in dupleix and raised his ambitions which later got shattered severely.