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Which one of the following combinations is incorrect?
A. Rio convention – Air pollution
B. Kyoto protocol – Climate change
C. Montreal protocol – Ozone depletion
D. Ramsar convention – Wetland conservation

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Generally, the term ‘convention’ refers to a formal assembly where representatives or delegates gather globally for a meeting or an agreement at a fixed time and place in order to discuss or take action over particular matters of common concern between countries which is legally bound to it.

Complete answer:
-Rio convention is the first ever historic legal convention on biodiversity and global climatic change. In June 1992, the Earth Summit which took place in Rio de Janeiro was related to the Rio Convention. During this Rio Convention, delegates from the nations of all around the world were called upon in order to take appropriate measures in fostering sustainable utilisation and conservation of biological diversity towards the desired transformation of the environment for future generations.
-The Kyoto Protocol is a most important international environmental treaty which was adopted in Kyoto, Japan in the year 1997. The main objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) were implemented by the Kyoto Protocol in which developed and industrialized nations were called upon in order to make an agreement to reduce the high-level emissions of greenhouse gas significantly.
-The Montreal Protocol is a multilateral global agreement adopted in 1987. This Protocol was agreed and signed internationally around 197 countries in order to protect and restore the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere. It aimed to regulate and control the production and usage of Ozone depleting substances such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and halons for the preservation and recovery of the stratospheric ozone layer.
-The Ramsar Convention is also known as the Convention on Wetland of International Importance. It is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework to promote the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and their natural resources.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: The G20 or Group of Twenty of world’s largest economies is an international forum which formed in 1999. The G20 leaders meet regularly to cooperate and coordinate on the important aspects such as trade, health, climate and other issues of the global economic and financial agenda in order to prevent an international financial crisis in future.