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Which one is an endangered species of India?
A. Horse
B. Elephant
C. Indian Wild Ass
D. Tortoise
E. Fox

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: It is native to Southern Asia but it is regarded as an endangered species of India. This species is also known as Khur.

Complete Answer:
An endangered species is a wild species facing a substantial risk of extinction in all or a significant portion of its distribution in the near future. Due to threats such as climate change, habitat loss, or pressure from invasive species, endangered species may be dwindling in number.

Now, let us find the solution from the options-
- In India, horse, elephant, tortoise, and fox are not endangered species, but due to human activity they may become endangered at a point.
- Indian Wild Ass is an endangered species of India. This species is also known as Khur, Ghudkhur, Indian onager. It is a native to Southern Asia subspecies of the onager. The speciality of this species is that, at a speed of 70-80 Km per hour, it is one of the fastest Indian creatures. The loss of its habitat is due to salt activity, causing its population to decline.

Thus, the correct answer is option (C) Indian Wild Ass.

Note: In natural habitats across the globe, humans have induced major, pervasive changes and have introduced a number of threats to biodiversity, including climate change, habitat loss, invasive species disruption, hunting, and poaching. Many animals around the globe are undergoing massive population losses as a result of these stresses. And an underlying cause of the extinction crisis is the rapid, uncontrolled rise of the human population.