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Which of the following is the dividing tissue in plants?
A. Meristematic
B. Collenchyma
C. Parenchyma
D. Sclerenchyma

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Hint:Dividing tissue present in the plants divides and forms many new cells or parts of the plant.
The new cells help to grow the plant and perform many important functions in plants.
Mainly two types of tissues are present in plants that are:
1.Meristemetic tissue
2.Permanent tissue

Complete answer:
Tissue is the group of cells that functions together and form the different parts of the plant.
As we know that two main types of plant tissues are
1.Meristemetic tissue
2.Permanent tissue
Meristematic tissue: They are also known as meristems.
They enlarge, stretch, and differentiate into other types of cells as they mature.
They are known as living cells.
The cells of this tissue are generally young and immature in nature.
It consists of undifferentiated cells capable of cell division.
These cells continue to divide until a time when they get differentiated into mature cells and lose the ability to divide.
Three types of meristematic cells are present in the plant:
1.Apical or tips: It means the cells are present at the tip and they divide at the tip of the plant and grow from that area.
2.Intercalary or middle: The cells are present in the middle portion of the plant and they divide in the middle and grow only in the middle of the plant.
3.Lateral or sides: The cells are present at the lateral or at the sides of the plant.
they divide at the lateral parts and the lateral parts grow from it.

So, the correct option is option A. Meristematic.

Note: Differentiated plant cells generally cannot divide or produce cells of a different type.
Meristematic cells are undifferentiated or incompletely differentiated, and are totipotent and capable of continued cell division.
Division of meristematic cells provides new cells for expansion and differentiation of tissues and the initiation of new organs, providing the basic structure of the plant body.