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Which of the following is not correctly matched?
(A) Laterite- contains aluminum
(B) Terra Rosa- Most suitable for roses
(C) Chernozem- Richest soil
(D) Black cotton soil- Rich in calcium carbonate

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Hint: The soil is the weathered rocks which consists of the definite amount of the organic matter, water, air and other substances in it. They are classified into different types based upon the location of the soil and the method of the formation.

Complete Answer:
- The Laterite is the type of the soil which is rich in the iron oxide content. Hence they are reddish in color. It is mainly found in the areas of the hot and the wet tropical areas. This soil is formed from the rock of the iron and hence it is also called as the soil and the rock.
- Terra rossa is the red soil that is well drained in nature with the neutral PH. It is mainly found in the Mediterranean region.
- This soil consists of the sand, clay, silt and the organic material. Hence this soil is useful for the cultivation of the roses.
- The soil Chernozem is black color with a high percentage of organic content, phosphoric acid, ammonia and phosphorus. It is one of the highest fertile soil.
- The black cotton soil mainly consists of the lava basaltic rocks. It consists of the magnesium and the calcium carbonate in it. It is very dark in color. This is used for cotton cultivation. Hence all the options are correctly matched except laterite.

Thus the option (A) is correct.

Note: The black soil is formed by the physical weathering of the igneous rocks. They are deep black in color since they are formed from the solidification of the molten magma or the lava which occurred during the volcanic eruption. Hence they are also known as lava soil.