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Which of the following is not an application of chromatography?
A) It is used to separate colours in dye.
B) It is used to separate pigments from the natural colour.
C) It is used to separate drugs from blood.
D) None of the above.

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Hint: Usually chromatography is a technique used for the separation of components from a mixture which separates those solutes which dissolves in the same solvent. This fact gives you the correct answer.

Complete answer:
The concepts of chemistry which basically involves chromatographic techniques in inorganic chemistry part deals with the separation of the components present in a mixture and also the amount of that particular component.
- We are familiar with the word ‘chromatography’ from the chapters of chemistry and thus it is basically defined as ‘It is a laboratory technique that is used for the separation of components from a mixture’
- The main principle involved is that the mixture is dissolved in a fluid which is called a mobile phase and this mobile phase carries the mixture through a system on which there is a fixed material called stationary phase.
- The separation takes place based on the affinities of the components of a mixture on a stationary phase.
Therefore, the technique was used for the separation of colours from the dyes and also drugs from that of blood.

Thus, the correct answer is option D) None of the above.

Note: Note that the chromatographic technique is not just used for the separation but also some chromatography is used for the identification of which chemical compound is present and also their quantity along with separation of components. Example is gas chromatography.