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Which of the following is not a producer?
A. Volvox
B. Nostoc
C. Spirogyra
D. Agaricus

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: The yellow mushroom (Agaricus blazei) is the most commonly consumed poisonous mushroom in Victoria. Symptoms include gastrointestinal discomfort, such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Ingestion can cause death (fatal amanita).

Complete Answer:
 Spirogyra: Amoeba is animalistic because of its ability to move. It seeks its own food. Spirulina is like a plant, because the presence of chlorophyll allows it to make its own food. They push and pull with false feet or false feet.

Volvox: green algae or green algae. It exists in the form of large spherical colonies. Each small algae in the colony has two flagella, which are like whip hairs. This cell differentiation makes Volvox very unique.

Nostoc: Most importantly, the Nostoc commune and other mat members of this genus are not toxic; they do not cause harm to animals and plants, including the health of related landowners in Ohio. However, the mucous hydration partner can become slippery when wet, so be careful when stepping on.

Agarics: The blaze is a genus of mushrooms, including edible and poisonous species, and may have more than 300 members worldwide. This genus includes common ("button") mushrooms (Agarics Bosporus) and field mushrooms (A. campestral), which are the main cultivated mushrooms in the West.

The correct option is (D).

Note: Producers mainly include photosynthetic organisms, which use sunlight and inorganic substances to prepare food. Spirulina, Volvox and Nostoc are producers because they contain chlorophyll, which helps photosynthesis. Mushrooms are saprophytic fungi and are also called mushrooms. It does not contain chlorophyll.