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Which of the following is not a function of a retailer?
A. Assortment of goods
B. Home delivery
C. Buying milk in bulk
D. Packing and display

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Hint: An entity that sells various goods such as clothing, groceries, etc to the customers directly through a number of distribution channels with a single goal to earn a profit are called retailers. On the supply chain retailers act as customer-facing parts. They differ from wholesalers as they sell directly to customers.

Complete answer:
Services to both manufacturer and retailer are performed by wholesalers. The intermediary between the manufacturer and retailer is the wholesalers. They keep an assortment of a wide stock of goods. An assortment of goods is the function provided by retailers. They perform both the function of buying and assembling goods. Home delivery refers to when products are brought to the customer’s house rather than customers taking the items along or collecting from the store. It is regarded as a fundamental component of commerce and transport. Retailers are involved in the delivery of items to a particular place. Retailers can provide customers with essential services like delivery and after-sales services in order to provide satisfaction to customers. These services are called customized services. Packing and display of items are done by the retailer. It provides customers with stock availability in sufficient amounts and a wide range of products for the satisfaction of customers.
So, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: Retailers buy goods as per their. The wholesalers are involved in buying goods in bulk. Wholesalers work as intermediaries between the producer and retailer. The final link in the distribution chain is the retailer who performs the function to deal directly with the customers.