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Which of the following is a real-life example of intersecting lines?
A. orange
B. football
C. hands of the clock
D. none of these

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Hint: We first define the meaning of intersecting lines. We express that in terms of lines intersecting one or more than one point. We examine some images to understand the concept better and then try to figure out which of the given options satisfy the conditions.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The concept of intersecting lines is that when more than one line intersects each other. Intersecting points can be one or more than one.
For two lines the intersecting point will be always one. Two lines can’t intersect each other at more than one point.
Some images of intersecting lines are given below.
seo images

The intersecting line has to be extended on both sides of the intersecting point.
We have been given three options to check if they are real-life examples of intersecting lines or not.
Orange and football are round shaped objects. So, they can’t be intersecting lines.
Then we have hands on the clock. There are two straight lines in the form of two hands of the clock but they are touching each other at a point. They are not intersecting at the middle point. Their expansion on one side is blocked making them rays instead of lines. That’s why the hands of the clock are not intersecting lines.
The correct option is D.

Note: We need to remember the difference between segment, ray and line. Segment is bounded from both sides. Ray is bounded from one side and open on the other. A line is open on both sides to extend both sides. So, intersecting lines have to be extended on both sides of the intersecting point.