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Which of the following is a not plant disease caused by mycoplasma
(A) Bunchy top of papaya
(B) Aster yellow disease of sunflower
(C) Little leaf disease of brinjal
(D) Green ear disease of bajra

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Hint: Mycoplasma is a type of the bacteria that lack the cell wall. It contains the cell membrane that is just surrounded by the plasma membrane, not cell wall, this helps in the resistance against the antibodies. Since the antibodies aim at the cell wall to kill the entire microorganisms.

Complete Answer:
- The bunchy top of the papaya is caused by phytoplasma. Phytoplasma are the bacterial parasites that are similar to mycoplasma but it affects the plant kingdom.
- The aster yellow disease in the sunflower is also caused by the phytoplasma that results in the chromic and the systemic disease.
- The little leaf disease is the disease caused by the phytoplasma in the brinjal plant. But the green ear disease in the bajra is caused by the sclerospora graminicola.
- It is the fungus not the bacterial mycoplasma. So except this option, all the other diseases are caused by the bacterial mycoplasma.

Thus the option (D) is correct.

Note: The mycoplasma when they affect their host organisms, it moves to the mucous layer of the epithelial cells alive as the parasite. They get the nutrition for their growth in the host cells and replicate there causing the disease. The pneumonia is caused by mycoplasma.