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Which of the following is a matter?
A. Chair
B. Smell
C. Love
D. Cold

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Matter consists of atoms and they are the basic particles. Matter is something which occupies volume and has mass. For this question we have to search for an option which satisfies these properties of matter.

Complete answer:
Atoms are the finest particles that constitute matter and cannot be divided further. Majorly there are three states of matter that are solids, liquids and gases.
Solids consist of atoms that are tightly packed. They had definite shape and volume. Occupies Space.
• Liquids consist of atoms that are loosely packed. They occupies shape of container and has volume
• Gases consist of atoms that are very loosely packed. They have no volume (or) shape but occupy space.
Basically an atom has three subatomic particles. Those are electrons, protons and neutrons.
In the question given,
• Smell is a sense of a living being. It is a power of sensing odours. Smell can't be felt through touch and can’t occupy space.
• Love is a sense of a living being. It is a feeling that comes when a chemical reaction occurs in nerves and releases oxytocin (a hormone). Even love can't occupy space.
• Cold is also a sense of a living being. It melts when the temperature gets down. Even cold has neither solid characteristics nor liquid and gas characteristics.
All these three are senses and have no properties of solids, gases and liquids Whereas a chair has a definite shape. Occupies space and has volume. Properties of chain coincide with properties of solids. Any kind of chain like plastic, wooden, rubber, metal has properties of solids. And solid is a state of matter. This Chair is a matter. Chair contains an atom tightly packed. So, the correct answer of the given question is chair
So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Note: Subatomic particles can't be separated from an atom. So, we consider atoms as a finest particle that can't be divided further and possess all the properties of a larger substance. Hence, according to Dalton's theory atoms are the basic building blocks of the matter and are indivisible. Though the indivisible nature of an atom has been disproven by the discovery of subatomic particles.