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Which of the following has not been a factor in creation and modification of India’s relief features?
a)Geological formations
b)Population Density
d)Erosion and Deposition

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Hint:The relief features of an area is basically the elevation , slope and orientation of terrain features. Terrain can be defined as the vertical and horizontal dimensions of a land.

Complete Answer:India has the following physiographic or relief divisions- Himalayas, Gangetic plains, Peninsular Plateau, Coastal Plains and Indian desert.Various factors over the years have influenced the creation of our relief features. Let us look at the options given to us

A)Geological formations refers to a large body of rock that has distinct and different properties from its adjacent rock. Geological formation affects the creation of relief features. For example areas with hard rock form steeper valleys compared to areas which have softer rock. Another example is how geological formations like the formation of Himalayas have led to creation of troughs in Peninsular plateau.
Therefore geological formations affect creation of relief features.

B)Population density is a way of measuring spatial distribution of population and is defined as the number of people living per unit area of land. Population of an area doesn’t affect creation of landforms of that area.

C)Weathering is the process by which rock and matter gets disintegrated on being acted on by agents like water, acid, temperature etc. Weathering affects creation of landforms. For example it has led to karst topography in areas of north east, vindhyan region etc.

D)Erosion is the displacement of matter by water , wind , ice etc. Erosion leads to creation and modification of landforms. Some examples of erosional landforms being alluvial and delta plains of India, cliff and terraces on the coast etc

Therefore the correct answer is (B) population density as it has no effect in creation of landforms

Note:Though population density doesn’t affect creation of landforms, geographical factors like relief and topography influence population density. For example the population density is higher in plain and river valleys compared to mountains. Other geographical factors like climate, rainfall, soil influence population density too.