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Which of the following basic resources is not required for agriculture?

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint:Agriculture is the economic activity focussed on growing crops and rearing livestock. Agriculture is influenced by both geographical and human factors .

Complete Answer:Agriculture requires basic resources like sunlight, water, soil, seeds and labour.
Let us look at the options given to us.

Option (B ) Land is important for agriculture as without land agriculture is not possible. Land provides the space for crops to grow. Cultivable land is an important resource which is dwindling due to an increase in commercial farming.

Option (C ) soil is important as it provides organic matter and nutrients for crops to grow. Soil has bacteria like rhizobium which fixes atmospheric nitrogen and turns them into nitrates and nitrites for plants to use.

Option (D ) water is important for agriculture. Apart from rainfall, farms are also irrigated through canal, well, drip system etc.

Option (A) wind is not an important basic resource for plants to grow.Therefore the correct answer is option (A).

Note:Apart from sunlight, soil and water, human endeavour and labour is important for crops to grow. Sowing seeds, removing weeds and harvesting requires human labour. Large scale commercial farming also requires technology and machines too. Manure, fertilizers and pesticides are also used in farming.