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Which country is the largest producer of oilseeds in the world?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: Oilseeds include soybean, sunflower seed, cotton seeds. These provide oil and protein. These are good sources of oil which are obtained from endocarp.

Complete answer:
Oil seeds are seeds that produce oil. These are also called vegetable oil. These are used in day-to-day life.
The extraction of oil from seeds requires different methods as in cold press (pressing the seed at a low temperature to extract oil), expeller pressed (seeds are pressed and rubbed, the friction produces heat which gives oil).
Uses of oilseeds are as follows:
1. Oilseeds are edible.
2. These provide other uses as in increasing demand for their healthy vegetable oils, livestock feeds, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and other oleochemical industrial uses.
3. Oilseeds can be used as an alternative source of fuel by conserving carbon emission.
4. We develop protein-meal from oilseeds for animals like cattle, poultry fishes etc
5. It is a rich source of fatty acid and vitamin A, D, E.
6. Raw material is used to make cosmetic products, soap etc.
India produces about $12\%$ of all total oilseed around the world. It is the largest producer of oilseeds.
The main oilseed produced in India are groundnut, coconut, soybean, castor seeds, cotton seeds, mustard, linseed, and sunflower.

Oilseeds are also used in manufacture of home-made fat. Some oilseeds have medicinal value and are manufactured for the same. Some oilseeds are also helpful in manufacture of biofuel which helps in saving non-renewable resources and also in low production of carbon emission.