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Which city did Maharaja Surajmal set up in Rajasthan?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Maharaja Surajmal was born in Rajasthan in 1707. He is often referred to as ‘the Plato of Jats’ by the modern writer as ‘Jat Ulysses’ because of intellect, political vision and sagacity.

Complete answer:
Maharaja Surajmal was one of the greatest warriors of India. He ruled over Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The Jat got the title of Raja through the ceremony Rajasuya Yagya which is crucial to become a king.
Successor of Badan Singh, Surajmal He used his power and wealth for causes of the good, built many forts and palaces and was helpful to people.
Lohagarh Fort (the Iron fort) made by him was the strongest fort in the history of India. The two gates in the fort, one in the north is known as Ashtdhaatu (eight metalled) gate while the one facing the south is called Chowburja (four-pillared) gate.
Maharaja Surajmal conquered Bharatpur in 1733 from Khemkaran Sogaria, the son of Rustam. The town of Bharatpur was ultimately established in the year 1753.
He attacked Delhi in 1753 and ended up defeating the Nawab of Delhi- Ghazi-ud-din. As a part of revenge, the Nawab instigated the Marathas to attack Bharatpur. The Marathas sieged over Kumbher fort in 1753, but couldn’t conquer it.
Maharaja died in 1763 in a war with Najib-ud-dola when his empire included Agra, Dholpur, Mainpuri, Hathras, Aligarh etc.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note:When the Marathas were defeated by the Afghan armies in the third battle of Panipat, and reached Suraj Mal’s territory without food or water, the generous king received them with hospitality. He spent nearly 3 million rupees on sick and wounded soldiers.