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What percent is Rs $63$ of Rs $90$

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: To find what percentage of RS$90$ is RS$63$
First we understand percentage means out of $100$ as there total Rs is $90$ so the RS$90$ is $100\% $ let us take an example of a student he gets $10$ out of $10$ marks so he got $100\% $ marks that means here $100\% $ Rupees is $90$ if we consider the percentage of $63$ be $x\% $
By using unitary method on comparing values of percentage and rupees we can equate the values as
Rs$90$ being equal to $100\% $
RS$63$ being equal to $x\% $

Complete step-by-step solution:
Step1: As it is given Rs$90$ and we have to find percentage of Rs$63$ in $90$ considering Rs$90$ as $100\% $so we can assume Rs$63$ as $x\% $
Step2: on equating that $x\% $ of $90$ equal to $63$ basically assuming the value of percentage be $x$ we will get the equation as
$\dfrac{x}{{100}} \times 90 = 63$
On multiplying $63$ to $100$
$x \times 90 = 63 \times 100$
Dividing the equation by $90$ we will get the value of $x$
$x = \dfrac{{63 \times 100}}{{90}}$
Step3: after doing the calculations we get the value of $x$ as $70\% $
$x = 70\% $

Hence value of percentage is equal to $70$

Note: As we know that on finding the percentage of such forms students get confused in forming the equation with $x$ they many times place the $x$ at the wrong place in the equation while equating. There is another method without $x$ to find percentage i.e
 using unitary method and comparing
If Rs$90$is equal to $100$
So Rs$1$ will be $\dfrac{{100}}{{90}}$
Then Rs$63$ will be $\dfrac{{100}}{{90}} \times 63$
 on solving the given equation by dividing the equation by $90$ we get
$ \Rightarrow \dfrac{{10 \times 63}}{{90}} = 70$