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What is Whales' collective noun?

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Hint: A collective noun for a group of persons, creatures, or objects. Cattle, family, flock, squad, and so on. Even when referring to living beings, collective nouns are used as neuter gender.

Complete answer:
A pod is the most common name for a group of whales, but other names include a gam, a herd, and a plump of whales. These terms are mostly derived from mediaeval hunting lists of animals, some of which have remained in common usage (a pride of lions, a school of fish), while others have faded from use (a pride of lions, a school of fish) (a clowder of cats, a paddling of ducks).

A collective noun may be plural in most cases. To put it another way, you should have multiple collective nouns. In a football game, for example, there are TWO teams. There are many families on the street. A plural noun is automatically used in these situations.

A pod is the most common collective noun for a group of whales, but they can also be referred to as a game, a herd, or a school. A pod will have anywhere from 2 to 30 whales in it, and it is normally made up of whales that have a biological bond, such as mother and son. Owing to their scale and ability to avoid predators, smaller whales migrate in larger packs, whereas larger whales travel in smaller pods.

Note: A pod, school, or gam is the name given to a group of whales. They can also be renamed, according to Oxford Dictionary. gam, herd, and crowd are all terms that can be used to describe a group of people.
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