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What is the Importance of Land resource ? Why it should be Conserved ?

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Our earth is the only beautiful planet in our solar system. It's the only planet that has the life. Since 200 ads.., everything was fine but since the development of human culture, cities and modern lifestyle everything has been changed. Now, man and other animals have started to behave differently. Man has started to use and abuse natural resources to the limit. We have no more crude oil, coal, fewer forests , of animals wild . Our environment is totally polluted, so we suffer from diseases, we drink polluted water. Inhaling the dusty air and so on ... As a consequence of all human activity there is an ozone hole, the sea rises, the Antarctic icecaps melt. Now, global warming is a warning is so fast that there is a climate change the mother earth is not in danger, life is in danger. Let's unite to save our life by giving life to our mother earth. 

Although the land is surrounded by water in three quarters, drinking water is scarce. All major sources of drinking water such as rivers, lakes, ponds and even wells have been polluted with a variety of hazardous chemical and biological wastes. The coagulated mixture of dirt, sewage and industrial waste pollutes the water of the river on whose banks the factories are established. The increased use of fertilizers and insecticides also pollutes the drinking water of ponds and wells. Harmful fertilizers and insecticides seep into the earth and pollute the groundwater. The supply of polluted water is an epidemic such as cholera, jaundice and gastroenteritis, etc.

The soil is also polluted in various ways. Soil pollution usually results from the removal of solid and semi-solid wastes from unsanitary agricultural practices and habits. Rapid industrialization and urbanization have discharged a variety of solid and semi-solid wastes at different locations polluting the soil. as well as air and water. Apart from this, the direct pollution of land by pathogenic organisms is also of a major importance. Thus, the soil is heavily polluted day by day by dangerous substances and micro-organisms that enter the food chain or water and are therefore ingested by humans. As a result, there are many problems of health such as dysentery, cholera, and paratyphoid fever. The increased use of plastics, politeness and other non-degradable products has led to the problem of their elimination.