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What is biodiversity?

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: On Earth, various living beings are present. The organisms have different forms, appearances, and modes of life. This diversity of the biotic world is called biodiversity.

Complete answer: Biodiversity describes the richness, variety, and variability of living organisms on Earth. In 1985, Walter G. Rosen coined the term ‘biodiversity’.
It is a complex feature. Biodiversity may be terrestrial or marine. The terrestrial biodiversity tends to be richer near the equator. It is because of the warm climate and high primary productivity.
The marine biodiversity is the highest in places with high sea-surface temperatures. Such a climate is found in the Western Pacific ocean.
Biodiversity also is a measurement of variation at different levels including genetic, species, and ecosystem levels.
Based on this concept, three different types of biodiversity are there, viz. genetic biodiversity, species biodiversity, and ecological biodiversity.

Note: If a biogeographic region has significant levels of biodiversity and that is threatened by human interference or other such reasons, then it is called a biodiversity hotspot.
In India there are four hotspots:
The Himalayas,
The Western Ghats,
Indo-Burma region, and