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What are the public facilities provided by the government? Also explain each facility 

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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There are many facilities which need to be provided for everyone. These are known as public facilities, for e.g. schools, healthcare, colleges, electricity, sanitation, public transport, safe drinking water, etc. The Constitution recognizes that the right to water is a part of the Right to Life under Article 21. So, it is the government’s duty to provide safe drinking water to every citizen. 

An essential role is played by public services and facilities in providing support services to create sustainable, healthy, viable, and cohesive communities. So that they can overcome social barriers and can achieve something. Those facilities which are not possible for any individual to access at economic cost are mainly termed as facilities provided by the state. Hence, the government provides such facilities to the public to ensure the quality of life. There are many public facilities, the government provides in day-to-day life. The government has to ensure universal access to a public facility. The government has to provide a facility either without a charge or at a charge which is affordable to the masses. One important characteristic of a public facility is that once it is provided with its benefit can be shared by many people. For example; if a school comes up in a locality, many children are benefited from that school. Similarly, if a road is built through a village then many people are benefited from the road.


  Four major facilities are as follows:- 

(i) Basic education Government provides school and other educational facilities like chair, books etc. to be used by the public. But its use and performance are depended on collective response and community cooperation.

(ii) Basic health facilities Government provides hospitals, vaccine programmes to maintain the basic quality of life.

(iii)Law and order facility/security the more the country will secure, the more it will attract investment public by which people can live peacefully.

(iv) Provide for Public Distribution System: Government opens PDS shops or ration shops through which it supplies basic food items like rice, wheat, pulses, etc. at very low price/subsidised rate to the lower income group or poor people. But the functioning of these facilities depends on the community awareness and public cooperation. Other facilities are infrastructure facilities like road, irrigation projects drinking water supplies.

(v) Healthcare: The government provides us with hospitals and dispensaries. They also maintained facilities like doctors and diagnostic machines. 

(vi) Banking facilities: To make our money safe and to get loans, banks are there.

(vii) Roads and highways: To go anywhere easily, roads and highways are there