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We must use cotton clothes in summer. Give a reason.

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Hint: In the world seasons are classified by four types. The four types of seasons are based on the weather, light effect and temperature. The four seasons are summer season, winter season, rainy season and autumn season. The various names of seasons are available. The summer season is also called as per-monsoon season. The rainy season is also called the monsoon season. The autumn season is also called the post-monsoon season.

Complete answer:
We must use cotton clothes in summer.
Because, in the summer season the sun rays are very vigorous and temperature also reaches high. In this high temperature our sweat glands release more sweating agents. Hence, we feel more in the summer season. In that time we used cotton clothes for the best. Because cotton is a strong water absorber and it helps to absorb sweat and that easily evaporates sweat from our body and maintains our body cools and also helps us to take out heat from our body.
Hence, we must use cotton clothes in the summer season.

We have to know that each season is in two – three months in the year. The periods of the season are given below. The summer season is March, April and May. The winter season is December, January and February. The rainy season is June, July, August and September. The autumn season is October and November. The monsoon season is classified as two types. These types of classification of monsoon depend on the direction of wind flow due to monsoon. The two types of monsoon are South-West monsoon and North-East monsoon.