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We all agree that reading is a wonderful journey to the heart. On the basis of your experience write a speech on ‘joy of reading’.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Speech is the ability to talk or the activity of talking or a piece of spoken language. Some expressions are used more in speech than in writing.

Complete answer:
Joy of reading
Respected Principal sir/madam, Teachers and my dear friends. I, Akshaya Gulati, a student of class XII, want to express my thoughts on JOY OF READING. What is life without reading? One must enjoy reading and reading could be anything, it could be magazines, novels, newspaper, subject books, fictional books etc. One must inculcate the habit of reading and once it starts giving you joy; you will forget everything.
The joy of reading is something that cannot be described in words as it is an eternal pleasure. It is something that needs to be experienced to understand the feelings of readers. Reading gives you a much needed break from your normal day activities, and you are also able to spare some time alone. Your world is filled with interesting characters from the books you are reading. Depending what you are reading will give you the same experience as if you are watching TV.
I have been a rapacious reader since I was young. I never get bored when I’m alone because I indulge myself in reading various books, novels. While reading I get mixed feelings like I hate the character being described in the book and feeling happy when the story ends happily, such experience makes me want to read more books. Reading challenges our thoughts and ideas, customs and traditions. To experience the joy of reading it upon you to make reading a daily habit by investing time. The habit of reading is like exercising your mind to stay mentally fit and flexible.

Note:There are certain rules that has to be followed by making speech and they are: Pick your main idea, write like you talk to the audience or someone, Use concrete words and examples, get your facts together.