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Umabai Kundapur was born in the year __________.

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Hint:Umabai Kundapur is one of the valiant woman administrators who assisted her nation until her final breath. She was born in Mangalore. Her origin title was Bhavani Golikeri. She was wedded to a prosperous family at a very youthful age of 13 to Sanjiv Rao Kundapura.

Complete answer:Umabai Kundapur was born in the year 1892. Her Father-In-Law Anandarao Kundapura was an advanced philosopher. She supported her Father-In-Law in enlightening women through Gaundevi Mahila Samaj in Mumbai. When she turned 25, she lost her husband and after his demise, Anandarao and Umabai arrived in Hubli to commence a Karnataka Press and a school called ‘Tilak Kanya Shala’, headed by Umabai. Mahatma Gandhi nominated her as the chief of the Karnataka Department of the Kasturba Trust.
Umabai along with other women carried begging bowls to accumulate funds for enriching the situation of the villages by equipping Grama Sevikas in child-welfare, fitness programs, and pedagogy.
In 1924, she aided Dr Hardikar in volunteering over 150 women to assist in the Belgaum session of the All India Congress. In 1932, she was imprisoned and kept in Yerwada jail for four months. While she was in jail, the British seized Karnataka Press, locked her school and proclaimed her NGO ‘Bhagini Mandal’ as illicit. Undeterred by the occurrences, Umabai agreed to keep fighting.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note:After Independence, she resided in a small residence called ‘Ananda Smriti’ built in the remembrance of her Father-In-Law. Umabai Kundapur was a down-to-earth sovereignty campaigner whose little house served as a shelter for women independence fighters. She not only lodged them in her residence but also bestowed them a fortune for their return trip. This iron-willed lady died at the old age of 100 in 1992.