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How many types of habitats are there in the Biosphere?

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Hint: Biosphere- It is the life supporting zone of earth where the atmosphere (multilayered gaseous envelope of air), the hydrosphere (surface covered with water) and the lithosphere (outer crust of earth known as land) interact and make life possible.
Habitat- The area available with all basic necessities to support the survival of a particular species.

Complete Answer:
Basically, there are two types of habitats in the biosphere.
1. Terrestrial habitat- It contains the number of plants and animals that live on land. It is the further divided into mainly 3 categories-
Desserts are the driest places which don’t get much rainfall. Temperatures can be either extremely hot (40° to 45°) or very cool as 0° at night. The animals and plants mainly found in this type of habitat are snakes, camels, donkeys, cactus, palm trees, etc.
Grasslands have grassy structure and are made up of open large areas. Trees and large shrubs are rarely found. The animals found are lion, zebras, cheetah and trees found are oaks, purple needlegrass etc.
In the mountains, animals have thick fur to protect them from cold and plants are corn shaped. It includes coniferous forests with pine trees and animals like giant pandas, snow leopards, etc.
2. Aquatic habitat – It contains three numbers of plants and animals that live in the water. It is further divided into two categories-
Pond is small and is not very deep. It also provides food, oxygen and shelter. The plants and animals found in this type of habitat are ducks, turtles, frogs, grasses, lily pads etc.
Ocean covered more than $70\%$ of the earth's surface. Generally big animals are found like sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, octopus etc.

Animals have gills to respire in the water; some animals like whales and dolphins have nostrils which help them to breathe.
Different habitats are home to different species of plants and animals and they keep the habitat healthy and balanced by their actions in the environment. Also, they perform various activities for their survival.
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