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Tropic of Cancer passes through how many states? Name them 

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The Tropic of Cancer is also known as the Northern Tropic. It is situated in 23°26′13.4″ (or 23.43705°) north of Equator. This line of latitude was named around 2,000 years ago. This s the most northerly circle of latitude on Earth at which the Sun can be directly overhead. This mainly arises on the June solstice, when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun to its maximum extent. As per scientists, the Tropic of Cancer's position is not fixed, but varies in a complicated manner over time. At present, this line is gradually drifting towards south almost half an arc second (0.468″) of latitude, or 15 metres, per year (it was at exactly 23° 27′ in 1917 and will be at 23° 26' in 2045, as per research data). Here is the list of cities and states through which Tropic of Cancer passes in India.

1. Mizoram (Champhai) 23.45

2. Tripura (Udaipur) 23.53

3. West Bengal (Krishnanagar) 23.4

4. Jharkhand (Lohardaga) 23.4

5. Chattisgarh (Sonhat) 23.47

6. Madhya Pradesh (Shajapur) 23.43

7. Rajasthan (Kalinjarh) 23.43

8. Gujarat (Jasdan) 22.03

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