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Transmission wires are made of aluminum since aluminum is:
A) Corrosive
B) Resistant
C) Good conductor of electricity
D) Good conductor of heat

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Hint: The transmission system is to deliver bulk power from power stations to the load centers and large industrial consumers beyond the economical service range of the regular primary distribution lines whereas distribution systems are to deliver power from power stations or substations to various consumers. From power stations or substations to the various consumers.

Complete step by step answer:
Transmission wires are made of aluminum because of the following reason.
Aluminum is preferred for overhead power cables because of its better conductivity to weight ratio and aluminum is a metal which is a good conductor of electricity. The conductivity of metal is the ability to allow electricity to pass through it. Aluminum is used in electrical wires because of its low resistance and good conductivity.
Aluminum has less weight when compared with copper and it is available at a cheap prize. Aluminum wire will be much thicker but it will be lighter compared to copper and the density of aluminum is one third of copper.
Transmission wires are made of aluminum since aluminum is Good conductor of electricity.

So, the correct answer is “Option C”.

Note: Students copper has more conductivity than aluminum but copper is comparatively heavier than aluminum. Copper is used in electrical household wiring and copper wire is available at high cost. The resistivity of copper and aluminum are low because of which electric current flows through them. Aluminum is a ductile metal.